Graduation Checklist

View the ODU Graduation Candidates page.

Satisfy All Degree Requirements

See the MS Requirements page or PhD Requirements page for more information.

This includes any Prerequisites to the graduate program:

  • Those who do not have BS in CS are required to take some undergraduate courses as a prerequisite to our graduate program (this requirement is indicated in your letter of admission).
  • The prerequisite subjects to the graduate program are considered part of the necessary breadth every MS/PhD graduate of this department should have.
  • These courses will not be waived unless you demonstrate knowledge on them early in your course of studies at ODU.

Responsible Conduct of Research and Assessment

The following are University requirements for all graduate students:

  • All graduate students must complete training on the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) (“Responsible Conduct of Research for Engineers” is the most applicable for us) prior to completing 12 hours of graduate work.
  • All graduate students must complete an assessment during the semester in which they complete their MS degrees. After applying for graduation, you will receive an email with a link to complete the assessment online.

Apply for Graduation

  • The application for graduation is available online through LEO Online
  • Note that the deadlines for applying for graduation online are typically one semester before your planned graduation semester
    • May graduation: due November 30
    • August graduation: due February 28
    • December graduation: due June 30
  • If you miss the initial graduation application deadline, you can still apply through LEO, but you should make sure to view the Graduation Candidates page to make sure that you haven’t missed any important information.
  • Further information about applying for graduation is available at the University’s Commencement page

Register for MS Exit Exam or MS Project Presentation

  • Towards the end of each semester, the GPD will send an email requesting registration for the MS Exit Exam or MS Project Presentation. Please reply promptly if you plan to graduate that semester.
  • The MS Exit Exam is required for students completing the courses-only option.
  • The MS Project Presentation is required for students completing the project option.
  • Students completing a MS Thesis will arrange for a Thesis Defense with their advisor, thesis committee, and GPD.
  • Students completing a PhD degree will arrange for a PhD Defense with their advisor, dissertation committee, and GPD.

Colloquia Forms

  • All MS and PhD students from this department must attend a total of 10 colloquia.
  • Each time you attend you should get a faculty member to sign a colloquium form. The forms are available in the CS Department office.
  • Keep the signed forms in a safe place, so that you can submit all 10 during your graduating semester to the GPD.
  • See Colloquium Activities for more information.

Course Enrollment

  • You MUST be ENROLLED in at least 1 credit hour during your LAST semester.
  • If there is no course to take, you can register for CS 999. An incomplete in a course is not considered “enrolled”.


Your committee-approved document must be submitted to the Dean’s office WELL BEFORE the END of the SEMESTER.

Fees, Fines, Etc.

You must pay all the outstanding fees and fines, and return the books, keys, and any equipment you borrowed from the university.