Graduate Assistantships

Qualified graduate students have the opportunity to receive funding while in the graduate program at ODU. Many of our graduate students are funded either through Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA) or Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA).

All funding is contingent upon the student making satisfactory progress towards the completion of their degree and maintaining at least a 3.0 GPA. See Graduate Assistantship Requirements and Conditions for more information.

Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)

GRA positions are funded through external grants obtained by individual faculty members. GRA positions are awarded at the discretion of the faculty member who will be funding the position. Stipends may vary. (Note that these positions are often reserved for PhD students.)

Students are required to complete at least 6 graduate credit hours each semester while funded.

For MS students, at least a 50% tuition waiver is included (in-state MS students are eligible for a 100% tuition waiver). For PhD students, a 100% tuition waiver is included.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA)

Apply for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship

A limited number of GTA positions are available to Computer Science graduate students. Criteria for the selection of GTAs include:

  • Ability and willingness to teach or grade computer science courses
  • Current GPA (must be > 3.0)
  • Academic standing

For MS students, at least a 50% tuition waiver is included (in-state MS students are eligible for a 100% tuition waiver). For PhD students, a 100% tuition waiver is included.

Students interested in a GTA position must apply each semester (see link above). Applications will also be solicited via email by the Assistant Chair, Dr. Zeil.

The Graduate Teaching Instructors Institute (GTAI) is required for all GTA positions requiring instruction.

The Graduate Teaching Instructors Institute is required for all master’s and PhD students that will be working as Graduate Teaching Assistant Instructors. GTAI certification is required before the GTA is approved to teach. It is a two day program. The first day includes an overview of University policies and procedures and University services, as well as a panel discussion with current graduate teaching assistants. Students are given a Teaching Handbook and other resource materials. The second day is conducted by the Colleges and requires an oral presentation by the prospective graduate teaching assistant instructors.

International Students: You will need to pass the SPEAK test before you can take the GTAI. Passing the SPEAK test is a requirement for all GTA positions. You are strongly encouraged to prepare for this test using the practice SPEAK test (pdf).

Note that you must carry 9 graduate credits in order to be eligible for a GTA, although there may be an exception if this is your final semester or you have passed the PhD candidacy exam (see the GPD if this is the case).

MS Research-Track Graduate Assistantship

The Department of Computer Science offers a limited number of MS Research-Track Graduate Assistantships for incoming students.

Students must meet the following qualifications to be eligible for this assistantship:

  • High GRE scores (or excellent recommendations from ODU CS faculty members if your GRE has been waived)
  • High GPA
  • Pursue the thesis option in the MS program
  • Have a research area interest that matches an ODU CS faculty member

Once the assistantship is awarded, continuing support is contingent upon maintaining a 3.5 GPA and making good progress towards a thesis, as determined by your faculty research advisor.

This graduate assistantship comes with the following benefits:

  • 100% tuition waiver (for in-state students) or 75% tuition waiver (for out-of-state or international students)
  • $5000 stipend per semester (Fall and Spring)
  • 15 hours/week Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA)
  • 5 hours/week Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) with an ODU CS faculty member

Note that the $5000 stipend qualifies the student for a health insurance subsidy from the university.

The application requires that you submit a portfolio of previous programming projects (to demonstrate programming skill) and/or research work. If you are offered the assistantship, the award is contingent upon demonstration of programming and/or research skills upon your arrival at ODU.

Recipients of this award must submit an application for a GTA position each semester and meet all of the course registration requirements for a GTA.

For more information on this award, please contact the GPD for admissions.