Grading Policy

The quality point average is calculated by dividing the accumulated number of quality points earned by the accumulated number of credit hours attempted. Grades of F and repeats are included, but withdrawals and grades on non-credit courses, non-degree credit courses, and pass-fail degree credit courses are not included. Undergraduate course grades do not count towards graduate GPA.

A provisional graduate student who receives one C in any of the required prerequisites will be subject to removal from the graduate program.

A graduate student must maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average to graduate. A student who receives more than three (3) C grades will be subject to removal from the graduate program. Grades in courses accepted for transfer credit are not counted in the computation of quality point averages. Grade reports are sent to students at the end of each term.

Note the university policy on the awarding of incomplete (I) grades:

The I grade may be awarded only in exceptional circumstances beyond the student’s control, such as illness, and only after 80% of the time allocated for the course has elapsed and substantial progress has been made toward completion of course requirements with the exception of courses that do not fit within the traditional semester calendar. In cases of exceptional circumstances beyond the student’s control, it is the responsibility of the student to approach the instructor to request an I grade and to provide documentation, including a written statement of when the work will be completed, to support the request. The authority to award an I grade rests with the instructor whose decision is final.

See Graduate Registration Requirements and Procedures for more information.