Graduate Assistantship Requirements and Conditions

This page contains links found in the Graduate Assistantship Requirements and Conditions document (pdf), which is required reading for all Graduate Assistants (both GTA and GRA).

University Regulations

GTA Training

GTA Application

Students must fill out the Teaching Assistant Application form, available from the CS Dept home page, prior to each semester in which they are seeking GTA support. This is true even if they have received separate verbal or written offers of support as a GTA.

Required Forms

At the beginning of each semester, all Graduate Assistants are required to submit the G9 Form (Graduate Assistant Responsibilities Agreement).  This is an agreement between you and your assistantship supervisor on the required duties for the assistantship.

At the end of the semester, the Graduate Assistant and assistantship supervisor must discuss and submit the G10 Form (Graduate Assistant Performance Evaluation).

Note that if you hold multiple assistantships (e.g., a GTA and a GRA), you will need to submit separate forms for each assistantship. After you have been hired, you will be sent instructions on when and how to fill out and submit these forms.  

The Department of Computer Science has developed fillable PDF versions of the form applicable for either GTAs or GRAs:

Explanation of “Assistantship Category”:

  • GTA-Assistant – graders and some lab instructors
  • GTA-Instructor – listed as instructors of record for a course (may apply to some lab instructors)
  • GRA-Faculty Assistant – research assistant paid through ODU (state funds)
  • GRA-Project Assistant – research assistant paid through ODURF (grant funds)