Colloquium Activities

The Computer Science colloquium series brings in researchers and practitioners from around the region, country and the world to speak of topics of interest in Computer Science. Attendance at these colloquia is an important part of a graduate education.

Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium Requirements

  • Master’s students must attend 10 colloquia during the time they are Master’s students.
  • PhD students must attend 10 colloquia during the time they are PhD students.
  • As a consequence of the previous two bullets, a student receiving both an MS and a PhD from this department must attend a total of 20 colloquia.
  • All students must register for CS 690 Colloquium (1 credit hour course) once before graduation. You will receive an automatic P grade for the course.
  • Make sure to bring the CS colloquium form (available in the CS office) with you to each event, fill it out, and have it signed by any attending faculty member.
  • PhD Dissertation and MS Thesis defenses count towards this requirement. A faculty member must sign a colloquium form.
  • Keep the signed forms in a safe place. Wise students will make a copy of each form and save it in another safe place just in case.
  • When you are to be certified for graduation, you should turn in the requisite number of colloquium forms in one group. If you do not have enough, you will not be certified!

Online and Full-Time Working Students:

We have set up a Blackboard site to allow approved students to view recorded colloquium events and submit answers to a few questions about the talk. We encourage all students to attend the talks in person, but if you are in the online-only program or have full-time work, or a class meeting during the colloquium, we can make this option available to you. If you qualify and would like access to the Blackboard site, please send the GPD an email with your name, UIN, MIDAS ID, and reason you cannot attend in person.