Financial Assistance and Fellowships

Qualified PhD students have the opportunity to receive funding while in the graduate program at ODU. Most of our PhD students are funded either through Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA) or Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTA).

Additional information on funding and fellowships specifically for PhD students is below.

Dominion Graduate Scholar

Information coming soon.

Modeling & Simulation Fellowship

Information coming soon

Summer Funding

All PhD students are expected to obtain GRA positions during the summer, working for their major advisor. Summer GRA stipends vary, but are typically between $3000-$6000. Full tuition exemption is included.

Entering Student Funding

Newly admitted PhD students are guaranteed to be funded either by a GRA, GTA, or half-time GTA/half-time GRA combination. During the Summer, the CS department will provide $3000 of support. By the end of the Spring semester, PhD students are expected to have identified a major advisor. If research funding is available, your major advisor may match the department’s stipend for a total summer stipend of $6000. During the first year, most PhD students are guaranteed $17,000 with the possibility of receiving $20,000 with a 100% tuition waiver.