Course to Research Area

(These mappings can be changed as needed by the Graduate Committee and faculty. Last updated September 2019)

We have the following research areas related to courses:

  • Foundations – does not count towards the course breadth requirement
  • Bioinformatics
  • Machine Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Medical and Scientific Computing
  • Systems: Networks, Mobile Computing, Security
  • Web Science and Digital Libraries

Research Areas for Numbered Courses

 CS 600 Algorithms and Data Structures  Foundations
CS 620 Intro to Data Science Machine Intelligence and Data Analytics
CS 625 Data Visualization Web Science and Digital Libraries
 CS 665 Computer Architecture  Foundations
 CS 800 Research Methods  Foundations
 CS 812 Stochastic Modeling  Machine Intelligence and Data Analytics
 CS 814 Monte Carlo Simulation  Medical and Scientific Computing
 CS 822 Machine Learning  Machine Intelligence and Data Analytics
 CS 823 Introduction to Bioinformatics  Bioinformatics
 CS 824 High-Performance Computing and Big Data  Medical and Scientific Computing
 CS 825 Information Visualization  Web Science and Digital Libraries
 CS 826 Application of Graphs in Bioinformatics  Bioinformatics
 CS 834 Introduction to Information Retrieval  Web Science and Digital Libraries
 CS 851 Introduction to Digital Libraries  Web Science and Digital Libraries
 CS 852 Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing  Systems
 CS 862 Memory Analysis and Forensics  Systems
 CS 864 Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies  Systems
 CS 872 Network Security: Concepts, Protocols and Programming  Systems
 CS 873 Data Mining and Security  Machine Intelligence and Data Analytics
 CS 875 Distributed Systems  Systems
 CS 876 Architectural Support for Cloud Computing  Systems
 CS 879 Design of Network Protocols  Systems

Research Areas for CS 895 (Topics in Computer Science) Courses

If you do not see your CS 895 listed here, please contact the GPD.

Fall 2019

  • Intelligent User Interfaces – Web Science and Digital Libraries
  • Internet Infrastructure & Security – Systems
  • Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering – Systems
  • Mobile Sensing in Smart Cities – Systems

Spring 2019

  • 3D Image Deep Learning and Modeling – Bioinformatics
  • Deep Learning in Medicine and Biology – Medical and Scientific Computing
  • Web Archiving Forensics – Web Science and Digital Libraries
  • Human Computer Interaction – Web Science and Digital Libraries

Fall 2018

  • Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering – Systems
  • Internet of Things Security – Systems
  • Mining Scholarly Big Data – Web Science and Digital Libraries
  • Intro to Data Science – Machine Intelligence and Data Analytics
  • Mobile Sensing for Smart Cities – Systems

Summer 2018

  • Brain Data Analysis – Machine Intelligence and Data Analytics

Spring 2018

  • Pattern Recognition in Molecular Imaging – Bioinformatics

Fall 2017

  • Formal Methods – Medical and Scientific Computing