Our PhD program prepares graduates for research positions in academia or industry. Research is led by our graduate faculty, who have interests in bioinformatics, machine intelligence and data analytics, networks, systems, security, parallel algorithms and computing, scientific computing, stochastic modeling, and web science and digital libraries. See the main Department of Computer Science webpage for links to each of these research groups.

In Fall 2019, we made changes to our PhD Requirements.  During the transition, we will have some students following the new process and some students following the older (pre-Fall 2019) process. Here are some guidelines as to which qualifying process you should follow:

  • If you entered the PhD program in Fall 2019 or later, you will follow the new process.
  • If you entered the PhD program before Fall 2019, but have not yet passed the Breadth Exam, then you may choose to follow the new process.
  • If you entered the PhD program before Fall 2019 and have already passed the Breadth Exam, then you will likely want to continue to follow the older process.

Department Forms

Plan of Study – In coordination with their PhD advisor, each Spring students will submit or update their PhD Plan of Study, listing the courses they have taken and plan to take to meet the listed course requirements.

  • PhD-Plan – for students following the new PhD requirements (i.e., no Breadth Exam)
  • PhD-Plan-preF19 – for students following the older PhD requirements (i.e., those who have taken the Breadth Exam)

PhD Progress Report – Each Spring, students will submit an annual report on their academic activities for the previous calendar year. This along with the Plan of Study will be reviewed by the faculty at the PhD Progress Review meeting, usually held in February.

These forms should be filled out and submitted electronically. Students should keep editable copies so that they can be updated annually. The GPD will send an email early in the Spring semester with instructions on how to submit the forms.

PhD Gatherings

All PhD students are required to attend monthly PhD Gatherings, held during the Fall and Spring semesters in the E&CS 1st floor auditorium at 12:30pm on the announced dates. Lunch will be served.

Past PhD Dissertations

A selection of past PhD dissertations and MS theses are available from the ODU Digital Commons. The map below shows the locations of recent downloads of these documents.