Transfer Credits and Taking Courses as a Non-Degree Student

Transfer Credits

  1. The University Policy for Graduate Credits by Transfer applies.
  2. A student without a strong background in Computer Science may not transfer any non-Computer Science courses.
  3. A student with strong background in Computer Science may transfer at most three (3) computer science related courses.
  4. Following these guidelines, the Graduate Studies Committee will approve each course to be transferred on a case by case basis.

Taking Course as a Non-Degree Student

In some cases it may be advantageous for a student to take a course as a non-degree student:

  1. For personal enrichment or to advance their career by taking selected courses.
  2. To make progress towards a graduate degree before an application has been formally approved. This often occurs when a student applies too late to be admitted for the current semester.
  3. Applicants who feel they may be rejected or who have been rejected because of their previous academic record, but who feel that they can succeed in the program, may register as non-degree students. Performance in courses taken as non-degree credits carries considerable weight in (re-)evaluating the applicant in such cases.

Non-degree students should study the course descriptions and pre-requisites in order to make sure that the course selected will meet their needs. Students wishing to continue on towards a degree program should consult the Graduate Program Director for advice.

For more information about non-degree admission, see