Exam Exam Information

To all MS Fall 2019 Graduating Students:
As you know, we have 3 options for completing the MS requirements:
  1. courses-only
  2. project
  3. thesis
Below are important announcements for students in all options graduating this semester.  [SPRING ONLY: Note that this is only for Spring 2020 graduates.  Summer 2020 graduates will be handled separately.]
**All Colloquium forms are due by Nov. 25th. Students should scan all forms into one pdf to csgpd@odu.edu. Your PDF should be named: “YourLastName, FirstName_Colloquiums_Fall2019″. Please subject your email, “Colloquiums.”
The Fall MS Exit Exam for the courses-only option will be held on November 20th- 22nd.  You must register for the MS Exit Exam by November 8th at  http://bit.ly/CS-Graduating. Note any time conflicts (classes, recitation sections, etc.) that you may have on November 20th- 22nd.
Students who plan to appear for the exit exam must submit, in advance, a PDF document containing a list of all the graduate CS courses you have taken (include IT courses if in CIS concentration), a brief statement of the knowledge you gained from each of the courses, if/how you have applied this knowledge to your outside work, suggestions for improvements, and a statement of your overall impression of the MS program at ODU.  The document should be about 10-15 pages long.
Each student will be examined individually.  I will ask basic questions related to the set of courses that you have taken. The exam for each student will typically take 15-20 minutes.
MS Project presentations will be held during the last weeks of class, based on faculty availability.
To register for the MS Project Presentation by November 8th at  http://bit.ly/CS-Graduating. Provide the title of your project, the name of your project advisor, and suggested dates/times for your presentation between November 20 – November 22nd  (discuss this with your advisor).
You should talk with your project advisor about what is expected for the presentation, which is typically 20-30 minutes long.  More information about the MS project is available at https://graduate.cs.odu.edu/ms/project/
Note that in addition to the presentation, you must also submit to me your MS project report, approved by your advisor, by December 6th (the day before the last day of classes).
If you are completing an MS Thesis this semester, note the following deadlines.  Work with your advisor, thesis committee, and me to schedule your thesis defense.  The defense must be scheduled and announced at least one week in advance. Go to http://bit.ly/CS-Graduating to let me know if you are completing a thesis by November 8th.
  • November 22nd – Last Day for masters’ thesis and doctoral dissertation oral defenses
  • November 25th– Deadline for hard-copy submission of committee-approved masters’ theses to the College of Sciences for review
  • December 13th – Deadline for electronic submission of masters’ theses to ProQuest for December 2019 graduates