Modeling and Simulation Certificate in Computing and Informatics

Modeling and simulation are widely-used tools in understanding and solving numerous and diverse problems in the practice of scientific inquiry and engineering design. The M&S certificate program is intended for students who are interested in developing a deep understanding of how natural phenomena or man-made systems can be described by computational models and simulated by computing systems. The certificate program will focus on the computational and informatics aspects of modeling and simulation, including implementing mathematical models in computer software, designing efficient algorithms, and executing simulation on modern computing platforms so as to better understand the characteristics and predict the behavior of real systems and phenomena.

Courses: A student seeking the graduate certificate must register for the core MSIM course, at most 2 of the Foundation Elective Courses, and at least 1 of the Advanced Elective Courses. Additional electives may be added in the future. All courses must be approved by the Program Coordinator before enrollment.

Core Course:  MSIM 601: Introduction to Modeling and Simulation – 3 credits  – required

Foundation Elective Courses: (select at most two from the following)

    • CS 517: Computational Methods and Software – 3 credits
    • CS 578: Computational Geometry, Methods and Applications – 3 credits
    • CS 586: Introduction to Parallel Computing – 3 credits
    • CS 600: Algorithms and Data Structures – 3 credits

Advanced Elective Courses: (select at least one from the following)

    • CS 712/812: Stochastic Modeling – 3 credits
    • CS 714/814 Monte Carlo Simulation – 3 credits
    • CS 722/822 Machine Learning – 3 credits
    • CS 723/823 Introduction to Bioinformatics – 3 credits
    • CS 724/824 High Performance Computing with GPUs for Large Scale Simulations – 3 credits
    • CS 725/825 Information Visualization – 3 credits
    • CS 726/826 Applications of Graphs in Bioinformatics – 3 credits

Eligibility Requirements: Candidates for the program must have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree from an accredited academic institution. The program requires a student to take four of the following courses (12 credit hours). Each course has a normal letter grade. The student is expected to obtain a C or better in each course and maintain a 3.0 GPA.

To Apply:

* Non-degree applicants do not need to submit credentials such as transcripts or test scores until completing a degree-seeking application

Program Coordinator: Dr. Jing He (jhe at